Sustainability report

More and more companies are choosing to create a sustainability report (ESG report), even if they are not obligated to do so. Why? The advantages are clear: acting in a sustainable and socially responsible way is not only sensible in terms of the environment and our fellow humans, but it is also becoming more and more decisive as an economic success factor.

Your sustainability report in just 7 steps

I create your sustainability report with a clearly defined goal and a meaningful strategy. To enable you to comply with the statutory submission deadlines, you should schedule two to four months for the creation of the report, depending on the size of the company.

Step 1:

The sustainability vision and sustainability strategy of your company are defined.

Step 2:

The framework conditions and the process for creating your sustainability report are determined.

Step 3:

Core topics are determined and prioritised and your stakeholders are identified.

Step 4:

Data and information are gathered and the metrics for your core topics are calculated.

Step 5:

Targets and the key performance indicators for your core topics are defined, together with the processes for determining them.

Step 6:

The sustainability report is created and an external audit is carried out if necessary.


Step 7:

Your sustainability report (ESG report) is published and shared with all relevant stakeholders via the most appropriate channels.

You can book the sustainability report from me as an individual package (“Support and report”) or as part of wider assistance. To find out what advantages sustainable management can bring you both internally and in relation to the market and the competition, click here: