Supply chain due diligence act

You decide whether you want to comply with the legal requirements or whether you also want to minimize your business risks and achieve competitive advantages with effective risk and supplier management.

Building blocks for the introduction and management of corporate due diligence according to the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)

Start & Assess

Assessment & Fit/Gap Analyse

Creating and conducting assessments and interviews with the required stakeholders. Subsequent analysis of the data to identify necessary measures for the implementation of the planned supply chain due diligence.

Risk Mangement

Support in the planning and implementation of processes and measures for the introduction of supplier-related risk management, or expansion of an existing risk management system


Definition and determination of responsibilities regarding the supplier due diligence law in the company

Support & Report

Risk Analysis

Definition and implementation of the processes and training of the involved employees for the preparation of the annual product-, service- and supplier-related risk analysis

Prevention measures

Definition and planning of the implementation of necessary preventive measures based on the identified risks of the risk analysis

Remedial action

Define and implement the processes for planning, executing and monitoring remedial actions that become necessary.

Declaration of Principles

Participation in the preparation and publication of the corporate policy statement on the LkSG.

Documentation & Reporting

Assist in the preparation of the necessary due diligence documentation and publication of the annual report.

Manage & Optimize

IT-Tool Support

Planning, implementation and training of a digital due diligence management tool with my partner Scopewire

Complaint Management

Planning and introduction of a company’s own complaint management system or in cooperation with complaint management service providers

Supplier Management

Strategic planning, goal setting and operational implementation of a supplier management for a systematic control of the supplier relationship

Supplier audit

Planning, execution and analysis of supplier audits

Engage & Communicate

Employee training
Training your employees to implement the LkSG.
Supplier communication

Planning and execution of supplier (stakeholder) queries on LkSG topics within the scope of a supplier assessment

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