Sustainability in the company

The creation of your ESG report (see service 2 below) provides the foundation for a long-term, sustainable company strategy – if you want to do more than simply meet the legal requirements.

Sustainability targets as added value – when integrated into your company strategy

Internal advantages

Compliance with legal requirements

Savings due to the efficient use of resources and energy

Increased employee loyalty

Market and competitive advantages

Easier acquisition of capital from investors

Opening up of new markets and target groups

Optimisation of your supply chains and distribution channels

Improvement of the company reputation and the net promoter score (NPS)

I recommend using the data compiled in the ESG report to assist with future decision-making and I show you how to effectively integrate the processes introduced to gather and collect this information into your business processes. In doing so, you secure the associated competitive advantages and minimise your business risks. Don’t just do good – talk about it too: by making your business partners and customers aware of the sustainability targets that you have achieved, you improve your reputation and can open up new market and customer segments.

Complementary services to increase sustainability in the company.

Start & Assess

We don’t know each other yet so you would like to see what our collaboration would look like first? No problem! In that case, I recommend the 4-day-fix service as a starter package. We evaluate your current ESG level and draw up an action plan with recommendations for subsequent necessary steps.


Online assessments and interviews with a wide range of stakeholders are created and carried out to determine the current sustainability level of your company.


The data and information gathered during the assessment are analysed. We then use this analysis to determine how mature your company is in terms of sustainability.

Sustainability Roadmap

An action plan is developed and the activities required to create the sustainability report are prioritised. This also includes further recommendations that can raise the sustainability level of your company.

Support & Report

Working with you, I identify and prioritise your core sustainability topics and gather all the necessary information and data. On this basis, I create your sustainability report (ESG report) and assist you with its publication. This package too can be booked separately from all other modules; it is invoiced according to the time and effort expended.


I assist with identifying and prioritising core sustainability topics. During this process, we examine your company strategy and processes. Sustainability targets, key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics are determined.

Data gathering

All obvious and existing data is gathered and new data is calculated based on more complex relationships. Using this data, I create a coherent concept with key performance indicators that form the basis for monitoring later on.


I assist you with the creation and publication of the ESG report based on the selected reporting standard.

Manage & Optimize

In this phase, we integrate your sustainability targets into your company targets and business processes. I help you to select and implement IT-based systems for calculating and monitoring the defined key performance indicators (KPIs). “Manage” and “Optimise” are support services that are invoiced according to the time and effort expended.


I assist you with introducing a sustainable company structure and overcoming resistance to change. Before you can fully achieve your sustainability targets, your employees and stakeholders must be convinced and must actively contribute to the process.


I assist you with integrating sustainability topics into your company processes so that they become a part of daily operations and the calculation of key figures is made easier.


Endless Excel files are a thing of the past: I advise you on and assist with the introduction of new IT-based systems that automate the gathering, storage and monitoring of your key performance indicators.

Engage & Communicate

Thanks to my many years of practical experience, I know how important it is for everyone to be on board with changes if they are to be permanent. With training, workshops, initiatives and events, I assist you in making the sustainability in your company tangible for your employees, management team and business partners as well. The individual “Engage” and “Communicate” packages are invoiced according to the time and effort expended.

Sustainability 101

1 day of basic training for your employees and stakeholders to make them aware of and more familiar with sustainability topics in the company.

Sustainability Leadership

A 1-day workshop for your company’s management team and executives to create a common understanding of sustainability in the company and its implementation.

Sustainability in action

I am happy to assist you with initiating and carrying out further sustainability measures – such as events, workshops and working groups – for your employees and stakeholders.

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