Sustainable Business Development

Sustainability begins when the product or service portfolio is first created and extends through the selection of the appropriate sales channels, the creation of promotional incentive programmes and the implementation of accompanying marketing measures. I help you make your business development more sustainable – and continue to do so in the long term, with regular quality checks. 

Sustainable business development services are support services that are invoiced according to the time and effort expended.

Start & Assess BD

An assessment of your business development processes and activities is developed and carried out. This results in action recommendations relating to the topics of portfolio, routes to market, go to market and marketing.


The existing portfolio of products, solutions or services is developed and adapted to make it sustainable.


An assessment of your direct and indirect sales channels is carried out to evaluate their sustainability. Suitable measures are derived and implemented to make existing sales channels more sustainable and to establish new sustainable sales channels, for example no-touch and low-touch channels.


Sustainability elements are integrated into promotional programmes, joint partner solutions and enablement programmes. Sustainability indicators are defined and monitored.


Sustainable value propositions are developed and integrated into all advertising messages and events. Sustainable net promoter score (NPS) questions are devised.


Developed throughout of more than 20 years of experience – for Sustainable Business Development

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