"There is no such thing as 'one size fits all'.
This is also true in the context of adopting pre-made strategies and solutions from industry or from other comparable companies."

Sustainability expert

So you are looking for an experienced expert on sustainable business management? I advise you on all legal directives and work with you to develop all the important measures. I am happy to guide you throughout your journey – after all, more than anything, I am passionate about implementation. I am not someone who simply sells you a strategy, but rather someone who will work with you to get the wheels turning – someone with an eye for the essentials, with understanding and with visionary foresight.

Experience, expertise and passion

For three decades, I have worked in many different areas such as operational management, quality management, business development and the implementation of transformation projects – both as a line manager and in project management roles. I introduce new topics, portfolios and services or develop existing ones further. Alongside this, I always adjust strategy, key figures and processes, also putting in place new, supporting tools where necessary. My main industries are: IT and services (consultancy companies, hardware, software and cloud service providers, IT services). When it comes to change processes, I attach great importance to the role of the employees. Only once they are on board can we overcome the still prevalent fear of change and be able to create a productive spirit of optimism.


Expertise as a sustainability adviser

In recent years, for me to think and act meaningfully from both a holistic and a business perspective, I have had to increasingly focus on sustainability. Now, it is the main subject of my work. Not only because there is no longer any other conceivable form of future-proof business, but also because the topic is close to my heart at a personal level.

"With my experience, my knowledge and my network, I would like to support companies on their journey to becoming more sustainable. A sustainable world needs sustainable companies in order to make the world liveable for everyone."

Juergen Sommer, Sustainable Corporate Develoment Expert

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